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Tribus Original Bacterial Biostimulant

Tribus Original Bacterial Biostimulant

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This revolutionary microbial additive helps improve nutrient uptake, root development, enzyme production, and root-zone health, giving improved yields at harvest time.


  • Mobilizes the full range of micro and macronutrients, improving fertilizer efficiency and harvest yields
  • Concentration is 10 times higher than other brands
  • Bacteria improves enzyme production
  • 1 quart treats 1 acre
  • Safe for fertilizer injection systems.

Tribus is a versatile and extensively tested additive made to boost fertilizer efficiency, reduce the rooting time for cuttings, and ultimately help increase yield. By improving nutrient uptake, it also enhances stem width and growth, adds additional nodes, and accelerates the vegetative phase.

Tribus is a revolutionary microbial additive designed for growers looking to improve yields. This scalable microbial additive can be used by cultivators of any size, helping improve nutrient uptake, root development, enzyme production, and root-zone health for bigger yields at harvest time.

Tribus is one of the most versatile additives available on the market to growers today. Growers can feel confident using Tribus thanks to its extensive testing and data-driven mission to increase yields of growers across the globe. Tribus’ industry-leading concentration of 10 billion cfu/ml gives users the best value for their purchase and handles a full spectrum of micro and macronutrient mobilization rather than isolating a single macronutrient like other competitors.

Tribus will improve fertilizer efficiency and drastically reduce the rooting time for cuttings, making it a must-have for commercially scaled operations and cost-conscious growers of all types. Tribus will improve stem width by 16% and growth by approximately 14%, meaning 14% more nodes, 14% higher yields, and a reduced veg time. In addition to these benefits, improved enzyme production from the bacteria in Tribus will help the plant use valuable compounds like fats and oils and break down carbohydrates for added bonuses in plant production.

Tribus can be easily integrated into systems of any scale by simply adding 0.5-2 ml per gallon of water to your reservoir or fertilizer solution and applying as you would any soluble fertilizer solution. Tribus is safe for fertilizer injector systems and has been used and tested on large scale crop fields and hemp production fields. It is compatible with any growing system and presents no risk of phytotoxicity.

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