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Silicone Jar Covers

Silicone Jar Covers

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Perfect for sterilizing wide-mouth jar lids, these autoclavable silicone jar covers are an economical alternative to foil when preserving the lids, filters, and injection pots while sterilizing for mycology culture work.


  • Effective foil substitute when sterilizing jar lids
  • Hold up to extreme temperatures and pressure
  • Fits wide mouth mason jars
  • Sold in packs of 10

Preserve jar lids, filters, and injection ports when sterilizing and autoclaving with silicone jar covers. Used as a more effective alternative to foil – saving money over time and creating significantly less waste. These jar covers are perfect for the budding mycologist, and are designed for wide-mouth lids and hold up to extreme temperatures and pressure while protecting lids from excessive exposure to steam and water. 

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