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Royal Gold Coco Fiber

Royal Gold Coco Fiber

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Royal Gold Coco Fiber is the industry-leading premium, clean, quality and consistent coconut fiber growing medium. This loose coco is ready to use straight out of the bag as a stand-alone medium, soil conditioner, or a base for a soil blend.


  • 100% Coco fiber 
  • Perfect for blending, conditioning, and stand-alone use
  • Balanced aeration and water retention

Coco fiber adds air pockets within your grow media, and these air pockets contain oxygen. When used as a soil conditioner, that oxygen helps support soil biology and promotes healthier root zones. Coco fiber also has a number of unique benefits to the growing media when added, including less shrinkage and improved aeration and drainage. Royal Gold imports the finest coco available and takes extreme care in meticulously rinsing and buffering all coco fiber, at their facility in Humboldt, CA. Each batch is analyzed for nutrient and salt content by an independent lab. 


Available in 50L cubic-foot bags, 1- and 2-yard totes.*


Royal Gold chooses the highest-quality input ingredients and seeks out sustainable alternatives to traditional products. Coconut fiber is becoming widely recognized as the future of indoor and hydroponic gardening media and as an important part of large-scale agricultural soil building and reconditioning programs. Based in Humboldt County, California, Royal Gold has had the advantage of extensive research, development, and testing in a community that demands unparalleled results and service.

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