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Purpinator is a powerful nutrient additive designed to bring out more of the inherent coloration potential of purple cannabis strains, while also enhancing potency, aroma, and flavor.


  • Boosts flavonoid, terpenoid, and resin production, improving color, aroma, and flavors
  • Contains no heavy metals or plant growth regulators
  • Used as a root drench for soil, coco, or hydroponic growing media
  • Regulates pH for increased purple coloration
  • Can be used throughout the plant’s life cycle
  • Available in sizes from 1 quart to 55 gallons

Based on some of the same technology pioneered by its popular predecessor Terpinator, Purpinator’s all-natural formulation helps to increase the production of anthocyanins, terpenes and secondary metabolites without inducing stress or modifying the growing environment, unlocking the true genetic potential of plants.

Purpinator is a specialty nutrient additive formulated to deliver increased flavonoid, terpenoid, and resin production in your plants. In addition to these benefits, Purpinator will improve the coloration of plants with purple phenotypes.

Much like its predecessor, Terpinator, Purpinator activates the metabolic pathways for trichome and terpene production in plants by providing the building blocks for these processes. Purpinator will also regulate the pH of the cell sap in plant vacuoles, resulting in a more neutral pH in cell sap which yields increased purple coloration expressed in the plant.

Purpinator was designed to specifically improve the color production of cultivars with purple phenotypes, terpene and trichome production, and resin production while also addressing the additional nutrient requirements for those processes in the plant. Traditional methods for improving purple coloration can involve cold temperature treatments, which can be costly or inconvenient, especially in greenhouse environments; Purpinator eliminates the need for these treatments by enhancing the plant’s ability to produce color influencing compounds.

Purpinator contains no plant growth regulators, no heavy metals, and can be easily incorporated into any pre-existing nutrient regimen, making it a truly versatile product that any grower can bring on with ease.

Purpinator can be deployed in any growing system and is designed to be used as a root drench for your soil, coco, or hydroponic growing media. Purpinator is not intended for use as a foliar spray. Combine with blue-light treatments in the 400-500nm spectrum to improve anthocyanin production.

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