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Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold

Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold

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Designed by irrigation professionals, Octo-Flow lets growers dial in an irrigation setup to suit their cultivation needs, with a patented design that makes it easy to control water flow.


  • Adjustable manifold has 8 ports
  • Hex key plunger systems make flow control easy
  • Stays free from clogs, even with thick fertilizer solutions
  • Provides consistent delivery flow
  • Made from durable, UV resistant plastic
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • White option absorbs less heat; ideal for outdoor gardens

The Octo-Flow 8-port Manifold in black or white offers a small, compact, and complete irrigation solution for grows of any size. In addition to simple and adjustable flow rate controls, it’s easy to convert to full flow and since it connects to existing water lines, no extra equipment is needed. It can also handle running all types of fertilizer solutions. An adjustable flow plunger, conversion kit for full flow (O ring and Plug), and a hex wrench are included with each unit.

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