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Non-Woven Poly - CUSTOM: 6 Mil-Diffused

Non-Woven Poly - CUSTOM: 6 Mil-Diffused

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This top-of-the-line greenhouse covering provides excellent light transmission, cuts energy costs, and keeps plants warm to provide an optimum year-round growing environment.

Please call for pricing. Price is listed by square foot.


  • Available in custom-cut sizes 20'-54' WIDE (100' MIN)
  • 6 mil non-woven poly permits 90% light transmission
  • Can last up to 4 years under normal growing conditions
  • Won’t crack or break
  • Cost is a fraction of plastic panels

Made for greenhouses in moderate to warm climates, this economical covering helps maintain better heat distribution so plants don’t suffer from heat buildup or stress. These durable poly covers are easy to set up and take down and also resist shifting temperatures, debris, hail, and other bad weather.

Left Coast Wholesale offers Custom-Cut Clear Greenhouse Poly in 6 mil non-woven styles with 90% light transmission and with three different rates of diffusion: 22%, 55%, and 65%. Although the 6 mil is thin, it is made of durable polyethylene resin, which allows optimum light transmission for ideal plant growth. The light diffusion properties help to maintain the optimum greenhouse environment for your grow and help reduce heat loss. 6 Mil Poly is recommended for moderate climates where cultivators need to take full advantage of available sunlight. 

6 Mil Poly is also available with an anti-condensate (AC) coating with 85% light transmission and 65% diffusion. The anti-condensation coating prevents condensation from adhering to or gathering on your poly, which can create hot-spots in your greenhouse resulting in uneven growth. 

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