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Non-Woven Poly 6 Mil - Blackout

Non-Woven Poly 6 Mil - Blackout

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This high-density polypropylene blackout cloth is critical for greenhouse growers with light deprivation setups.


  • Allows for control of light penetration
  • Blocks all light passage
  • 6 mil non-woven poly 
  • Available in pre-cut sizes ranging from 25’ width x 100’ length to 50’ width x 150’ length.
  • Resists tears and fraying
  • Can last up to 4 years under normal growing conditions
  • Easy to repair if needed

The Blackout Greenhouse poly ensures no light will reach plants until your customers want it to. Blackout Poly is the ideal covering for light-deprivation greenhouse setups and is black on one side with a reflective white outer layer to further prevent light penetration. Using blackout poly on a greenhouse is found to result in improved production and increased plant yield and it is seen as a more eco-friendly growing practice.

Non-woven Blackout Poly is a cost-effective solution for light-deprivation setups that provides maximum light blockage to control the photoperiod of flowering plants, creating the proper environment for flower production. Non-woven Blackout Poly is an excellent way to get a quick start on a light deprivation setup as it can be easily adapted to any greenhouse setup and requires no retrofitting.

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