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Green Planet Vitathrive

Green Planet Vitathrive

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This comprehensive propagation solution adds a blend of vitamins and minerals that help plants thrive during the vegetative state of their growth.


  • Vitamin B1 helps reduce plant stress
  • Vitamin B2 helps plants fight pathogens and insects
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 help plants break down and absorb molecules
  • Potassium supports immunity response
  • Can be used throughout the vegetative stage
  • Available in sizes from 1-quart to 5-gallons
  • Commercial sizes available from 15 to 265 gallons

With a full complement of B-vitamins and a blend of essential elements aimed at serving specific functions that create healthier plants, Vitathrive is effective and simple to use. Its special formulation supports rapid growth, resulting in more robust plants, and bigger flowers and buds.

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