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Green Planet Dual Fuel 1 and Dual Fuel 2

Green Planet Dual Fuel 1 and Dual Fuel 2

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Nutrient Size

The first of this two-part base nutrient provides plants with the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium they need, along with secondary micronutrients that support robust growth.


  • High concentration reduces the amount of fertilizer needed
  • Simple to use at 1:1 ratio
  • Can be tailored to the demands of the grow
  • Can be used with injector systems

Used in together, Dual Fuel 1 and 2 provide the essential elements that promote full, green leaves during the vegetative state and big blooms when plants flower. Powerful enough for commercial growers, Dual Fuel 1 and 2 are also easy to use and perfect for hobbyists and novice gardeners.

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