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GeoPot Fabric Squat Pot

GeoPot Fabric Squat Pot

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Cotainer Size

The Squat Pot — double the width and half the height of traditional GeoPots — is perfect for growing cuttings, stretching soil, or growing cloned or shallow-rooting plants.


  • Aeration allows air pruning for healthier roots and abundant growth
  • Special design promotes lateral root development
  • Marine-grade stitching with a quad-stitched seam
  • Durable, washable, and reusable for up to 5 growing cycles
  • Allows excellent drainage to keep roots cooler

The Squat Pot promotes lateral root development and better drainage throughout. It still has all the features expected from GeoPot, including geotextile fabric made from BPA-free plastic and marine-grade thread that withstands harsh salt or heavy-moisture environments. Its thick fabric is durable so growers can use it again and again.

What is air pruning and how does it help in the garden?

The porous fabric used in GeoPlanter and GeoPot products allows the root tips of plants to be exposed to dry air, which effectively “prunes” them by stopping their growth. Plants react by rapidly creating secondary feeder roots which enhance nutrient and water uptake and accelerate development of a stronger root system to provide lush, healthy plants and flowers.

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