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GeoPot Hanging Garden

GeoPot Hanging Garden

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A great looking addition to any garden, this hanging basket can be used for orchids, hanging plants and succulents outdoors. With a steel hanging ring and durable handles, this basket will beautify your patio or balcony for years to come.


  • Perfect for flowers, orchids, succulents, herbs, and ornamentals
  • Material promotes air pruning of the roots for more abundant growth
  • Enhances the look and ambiance of any garden
  • Washable and reusable for added value
  • Geotextile fabric is durable and lasts for years
  • Available in 2-gallon, 8” size basket, or ½-gallon 2 and 4 pocket options.

The GeoPot Hanging Garden Basket is designed to maximize space while allowing cultivators to grow their choice of herbs, fruits, vegetables, or other plants. The fabric is stitched using a strong bonded polyester thread, which protects it from UV rays, makes it water-resistant, and also offers better drainage than plastic pots.

GeoPot’s breathable fabric allows for superior drainage and aeration of the plant’s root-zone. Unlike traditional plastic pots, roots are naturally air-pruned when they come to the outer edges of the GeoPot, promoting the growth of more lateral roots throughout the media.

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