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GeoPot Fabric-Pot Black

GeoPot Fabric-Pot Black

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GeoPot is the leading fabric pot for cultivators. Unlike other fabric containers, GeoPot fabric pots are made with durable quad stitching for ideal structural support and longevity in both indoor and outdoor grows. With a wide variety of sizes and styles, the GeoPot is the ideal fabric container for any retail store.


  • Durable, washable, and reusable for up to 5 growing cycles
  • Square bottom design maximizes space
  • Folded over and stitched top design makes them self-supporting
  • Marine-grade stitching for strength and water resistance
  • Ideal for outdoor, indoor, and hydroponic applications using soil and soilless media
  • Non-woven polypropylene material promotes air root pruning and excellent drainage

GeoPot Fabric Pots are built tough enough to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure while retaining their self-supporting form and structural integrity, even in challenging climatic conditions and during irrigation. Made from BPA-free plastics to create the thickest fabric on the market, they are easy to wash for continued use.

Square-bottom pots are available in 1-30 Gallon sizes shown – 45 Gallons and up available with round bottoms only. 

GeoPot’s breathable fabric allows for superior drainage and aeration of the plant’s root-zone. Unlike traditional plastic pots, roots are naturally air-pruned when they come to the outer edges of the GeoPot, promoting the growth of more lateral roots throughout the media.

Plastic pots can trap water and nutrients between the substrate and the inner edge of the plastic, causing roots to grow toward the edges of the pot where they become root-bound. The superior drainage and air-pruning characteristics of GeoPot prevent plants from becoming root-bound, providing a significant benefit to nutrient uptake and yields.

A host of options available:

Your customers will appreciate GeoPot’s  many options, including black and tan colors, handles for simple relocation, and velcro seams for easy transplant.

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