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G-Lite Fabric Pot

G-Lite Fabric Pot

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This economical alternative to the signature GeoPot series features a slightly thinner fabric that is still strong, rigid, and allows roots to be air pruned.


  • Handles available for smaller sizes
  • Square bottom design for pots up to 30 gallon sizes makes them self-supporting and a great space saver. Pots 45 gallons and up have round bottoms
  • Designed to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure
  • Excellent drainage results in an optimal root zone environment
  • Perfect for cost-conscious gardeners or high-volume container growing

G-Lite and G-Lite XL containers are made from a slightly thinner material but their sturdy construction still offers solid rigidity during transplant, while the porous fabric promotes air pruning of roots. The optional handles make moving them around an easy task, and the same bonded-polyester thread used in traditional GeoPot products ensures lasting durability.

G-Lite fabric pots are gray, with handled options. G-Lite XL fabric pots are gray and do not have handles. 

GeoPot Fabric Pots vs Plastic Pots

GeoPot’s breathable fabric allows for superior drainage and aeration of the plant’s root-zone. Unlike traditional plastic pots, roots are naturally air-pruned when they come to the outer edges of the GeoPot, promoting the growth of more lateral roots throughout the media.

Plastic pots can trap water and nutrients between the substrate and the inner edge of the plastic, causing roots to grow toward the edges of the pot where they become root-bound. Air pruning prevents plants from becoming root-bound, which can drastically impact nutrient uptake and yields. Also, improved oxygen levels and drainage in the root zone promoted by the porous fabric of the GeoPot fabric pots help improve soil biology and reduce the likelihood of root-zone issues like root-rot and fusarium.

What is air pruning and how does it help cultivators?

The porous fabric used in GeoPlanter and GeoPot products allows the root tips of plants to be exposed to dry air, which effectively “prunes” them by stopping their growth. Plants react by rapidly creating secondary feeder roots which enhance nutrient and water uptake and accelerate development of a stronger root system to encourage lush, healthy plants and flowers.

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