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DR MYC PlateMate Agar

DR MYC PlateMate Agar

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Dr. Myc’s Laboratory Grade PLATEMATE AGAR is a nutrient dense, highly elastic Agar with a gel strength of 700-750 gm/cm2, more than twice the strength of other market-available Agar-Agar formulations. With a gelling temperature of 40*C and a melting temperature of 80*C, Dr. Myc’s Agar is user-friendly, allowing for both experienced and inexperienced mycologists alike to comfortably pour high-clarity agar that is less likely to cause visually obstructive condensate post-pouring.


  • Nutrient dense
  • Highly elastic
  • High clarity
  • Gel strength 700-750 gm/cm2
  • Gelling temperature of 40*C
  • Melting temperature of 80*C
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