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DR MYC Magical Gypsum

DR MYC Magical Gypsum

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Magical Gypsum is tailored for mushroom cultivation and includes additional inputs that provide a number of benefits for your mushroom grow, including decreased colonization time in grain spawn, higher yields, easier application & better solubility than garden gypsum, increased nutrient uptake, increased water holding capacity in substrate, and regulated PH value of substrate.


  • Decrease colonization time in grain spawn
  • Provides higher yields
  • Facilitates easy application & better solubility than garden gypsum
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Increases water holding capacity in substrate
  • Regulates the PH value of substrate

For Grain Spawn, add 2g magical gypsum to 200g Grain in jars, or 0.35 oz per pound of grain. For Substrate, add 0.8 oz magical gypsum per pound of substrate.

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