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DR MYC Adaptive Liquid Culture PreMix - 100 GM

DR MYC Adaptive Liquid Culture PreMix - 100 GM

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Whether you use Milo, Rye, Wheat, or Millet as your choice for grain spawn, DR. MYC’S ADAPTIVE LIQUID CULTURE PREMIX provides your LC’s a uniquely diverse mix of carbohydrate options to drive enzymatic adaptations necessary for explosive growth when transferred to grain.

Using Dr. Myc’s Adaptive Liquid Culture, customers can expect a simple-to-use product that enables faster-expanding, more highly adapted liquid cultures that are enzymatically adapted for all common grain choices.


  • Simple-to-use, create your own liquid culture or spore syringes
  • Preserve and expand your mushroom genetics 
  • Faster expanding cultures
  • Enzymatic adaptations for improved growth
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