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All American Sterilizer (Non-Electric)

All American Sterilizer (Non-Electric)

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All American Non-Electric Sterilizers are a great option for mushroom cultivators seeking a reliable sterilization solution without the need for electricity. With a sterilizer, cultivators can achieve consistent temperature and pressure levels required to eliminate contaminants and create a clean environment for their mushroom cultivation endeavors.

  • Compatible with any heat source and stove type. 
  • Economical alternative to autoclaves.
  • Internal Aluminum basket included
  • Available in 3 sizes - scale up as you grow more.

Unlike its electric counterpart, the All American Non-Electric Sterilizer operates on stovetop or portable heat sources, making it a versatile option for those who prefer traditional methods or have limited access to electricity. When compared to pressure cookers, Sterilizers tend to offer more precise and effective sterilization and separate the products from the heat source to prevent accidents, melting, and loss of water. 

The spacious chamber of the All American Non-Electric Sterilizer accommodates a generous amount of substrates, agar plates, and other cultivation materials, allowing cultivators to process larger batches at once. Its secure gasket-sealed lid and sturdy clamps maintain a tight seal, preventing steam from escaping and ensuring thorough sterilization. 

All-American has proudly produced aluminum pressure sterilizers made in the USA since 1930. Their sterilizers offer an effective solution for mycologists looking to take their hobby to the next level.

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