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Adhesive Jar Filter Discs - 50 to a sheet

Adhesive Jar Filter Discs - 50 to a sheet

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Ideal for jar-based mycology and the cultivation of mushroom spawn, these adhesive filter discs facilitate excellent air circulation within the jar, allaying concerns about contamination. They are fully sterilizable using an autoclave.

  • Enables Air Exchange to promote mycelial growth
  • Prevents unwanted spores and particulates from entering the chamber
  • Sold in sheets of 50

To use your Adhesive Jar Filter Discs, drill a ¼”-⅜” hole into a standard lid and apply your adhesive disc to the top of the jar – each filter is fully autoclavable and sterilizable, but you can use foil or a silicone jar lid cover to protect your filters during the sterilization process.

Adhesive jar filter discs allow for air exchange to promote mycelial growth while preventing unwanted spores and airborne particulates from entering sterile grain spawn or liquid culture. Air exchange promotes stronger mycelium and more rapid growth.

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