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Four Seasons Yuba Green Bulk - 1 YD LOOSE

Four Seasons Yuba Green Bulk - 1 YD LOOSE

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Yuba Green is a compost-based blend with no added nutrients that is an economical choice for raised beds and containers.


  • Compost-based Soil blend
  • Requires feeding throughout the growing season
  • Suitable for container, raised bed, and general outdoor planting

Yuba Green is an economically priced soil medium with a diverse input profile great for raised beds and container planting. Yuba Green is a compost-based blend, containing no bagged or dry nutrients.

Yuba Green is recommended for outdoor use. Multiple types of compost allow for improved biodiversity in soil, making Yuba Green an excellent choice for amending depleted or underperforming soils. This is one of the heaviest blends offered by Four Seasons and requires feeding throughout the entire growing season for best results. This blend is heavily compost-based and has a high pH of 7.1. 

INGREDIENTS: OMRI-Certified Organic Dairy Manure, Organic Green Waste Compost, Aged Forest Products, Perlite, Lava Pumice

Four Seasons Bulk Soil

Left Coast is proud to carry Four Seasons Bulk Soil. Each growing medium is uniquely blended to meet the needs of different cultivators and growing styles from “blank slate” growing mediums to fully fertilized “super soils.” Custom blends are available. 


Additional trucking charges apply to bulk soil. See below.

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