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ECOMAX Neem Kernel 6-1-2 Powder

ECOMAX Neem Kernel 6-1-2 Powder

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ECOMAX is a sustainably sourced vegan organic fertilizer derived from neem seed kernels that provides slow-release nutrients for up to 6 weeks with just one application. ECOMAX is an excellent vegetative growth fertilizer that can be mended into the soil at transplant.


  • Helps reduce the use of nitrogen-based fertilizer
  • Safe for plants, people, and pets
  • Slow-release
  • Easy to use as a soil amendment before transplanting
  • Compatible with all soil or soilless growing media
  • Helps mask organic fertilizer odor

ECOMAX 6-1-2 is a slow-release plant nutrient rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients, and trace micronutrients that supports plant nutrition, improves soil health, and provides microbial nutrition, which promotes healthy soil biology.

ECOMAX is a vegan organic plant nutrient derived from Neem, a renowned herb that’s been a part of traditional natural remedies for almost 5,000 years. Using ECOMAX as a soil amendment will provide users with healthier soil, flourishing microbial communities, and a well-developed canopy.

Neem’s immense untapped potential in plant nutrition and plant health is just beginning to unfold with the recognition of its innumerable benefits. ECOMAX is 100% safe for the planet, plants, people, and pets and provides a cost-effective organic fertilizer that is easy to use in any garden with innumerable benefits to users. ECOMAX is an essential tool in any gardener’s toolbox for guaranteeing a quality start and finish for your plants.


Amend ECOMAX prior to transplant to reduce the use of Nitrogen-based fertilizers in Veg

Amend ECOMAX to improve soil health and feed beneficial microbes

Using ECOMAX can help reduce the alkalinity of soil, reducing the need for replacement over time

Helps mask strong odors of some organic fertilizers

Creates optimal soil environment for transplanted plants to thrive

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