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AutoPot GeoPot Systems (Fabric Pots)

AutoPot GeoPot Systems (Fabric Pots)

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The AutoPot GeoPot System brings together the convenience of a self-watering system with the amazing benefits of the GeoPot.

  • Modular self-watering system can be used with up to 100 pots
  • Eliminates runoff and reduces fertilizer use
  • 5-gallon G-Lite fabric pots included
  • Reservoir, tubing, tray, and AquaValve included

The AutoPot is a self-watering system used for cultivation. AutoPots are designed to allow plants to self-regulate their water intake from a reservoir, providing them with the exact amount of water or nutrient solution they need to grow optimally. This results in less wasted water and nutrients, making them a popular choice for both home and commercial gardeners.

AutoPot systems include a reservoir, tubing, G-Lite fabric pots, and a tray with an AquaValve.  The AquaValve is triggered by the water level in the pot’s tray: when the water level is low, the valve opens to let in more water from the reservoir; when the water level is high enough, the valve closes – this process allows each plant to feed individually based on its needs, without creating excess standing water. 

The AutoPot GeoPot System combines the best qualities of fabric pots with the convenience and efficiency of self watering systems to stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding, and guiding the root structure. 

AutoPots use less fertilizer than traditional drain-to-waste or flood-and-drain systems, and eliminate the need for runoff entirely, preserving the environment. 

AutoPot Systems are modular, and can be upgraded with more units to fit grower needs easily and quickly, with up to 100 pots!

For best results, use a 50/50 blend of growing media and aeration materials and fully establish plants in the pot by top watering for 1-2 weeks after transplant before turning the system on. A small recirculation pump can be used but is not required. 

AutoPot works with Organic and Conventional nutrient systems alike, and can even be used in conjunction with amendments, top dresses, and water-only soil blends.

Compatible with most soil and media types.

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