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All American Pressure Cooker

All American Pressure Cooker

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While primarily known for its cooking capabilities, the All-American Pressure Cooker has gained popularity in the mushroom cultivation community for its ability to achieve basic sterilization. It offers a cost-effective solution for cultivators seeking reliable sterilization without the need for specialized equipment.

  • Compatible with any heat source and stove type. 
  • Economical alternative to autoclaves.
  • Aluminum canning rack included
  • Available in 5 sizes - scale up as you grow more.

Crafted with precision and durability, the All American Pressure Cooker features heavy-duty construction, available in aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring longevity and even heat distribution. Its secure gasket-sealed lid and sturdy clamps create a tight seal, allowing for high-pressure steam sterilization to eliminate contaminants effectively.

Available in various sizes, the All American Pressure Cooker caters to both small-scale home-based projects and larger operations. Its spacious chamber provides ample room to sterilize substrates, agar plates, and other materials necessary for mushroom cultivation, accommodating your desired batch size.

Please note that for more precise temperature and pressure control, especially in laboratory or commercial settings, we recommend considering dedicated electric or non-electric sterilizers with more stable temperature and pressure control. 

All-American has proudly produced aluminum pressure cookers made in the USA since 1930. Their sterilizers and pressure cookers offer an effective solution for mycologists looking to take their hobby to the next level. 

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